Christmas present of the year

First things first I need to make an announcement that only mothers will appreciate: Last night, my 3 year old went to bed early and slept through the night. He was not sick, wound up from the day, or anything but “normal”. It was absolutely amazing to have a peaceful sleep.

Now that the Christmas rush is over, and we are able to enjoy some quiet time at home enjoying Santa’s goodies, I would like to share our favorite present this year that I am thoroughly impressed with.

Just Dance – Disney Party (for Kinect) Once we turn this game on, it very quickly escalates into a Party for 2 dance off! There is a “Shake and Stop” section that is such an incredible idea for the little guys, that in my house always ends up with us falling down on the floor belly laughing at whatever funny new moves we can come up with. Being winter time, it has become the perfect after dinner activity for the family to do together as it is way too cold (-34C) to take the dog for a walk together. Heck! The Kinect even picks up the dog which just sends J into a total giggle fit because “Cooper is dancing too mommy!!”

Since I invested in the Kinect, we have tried to play a few different games together, even some of the other “Just Dance” games with popular songs, but they were unable to hold his attention for more than 10 minutes, and (not that this is a bad thing) I ended up getting more of a work out trying to make it exciting to get him to stick around.

Thus far, (I realize it is only night 3) playing this game together in the evenings has made for some extremely big smiles before we brush our teeth and settle down with a book before bed.

Santa hit the jackpot on this one!