The Healthy Eating Battle

We have all been here… 5:30pm trying to force feed our kids a healthy meal before rushing out the door to skating, or karate, or whatever activity is on the schedule for the evening. It’s no fun for anyone!
I did the unthinkable… I gave up.
But with my secret concoction that J loves, I lost the battle and won the war.

Here is the recipe:
– 1 handful of steamed broccoli
– 1 handful of crushed fiber flakes
– 5 fresh strawberries
– 1 drinkable yogurt ( I happened to have raspberry / banana flavor on hand)
– half a cup of water.. Blend until desired consistency.

I put this is J’s travel mug (and one for me) load him up in the car and head on our way. I’m happy because he will drink it all and ask for more, and he is happy because it tastes great! This is great for breakfast, snacks, and any other time of the day where you are concerned your children are not having a balanced healthy meal.