Fizzy Color Vinegar

After trying the magic color milk experiment, we ha to try the colored vinegar and bake soda experiment. This one we found, lasted a few minutes longer in between each set up of the tray.

What you need:
1. Tray/ pan
2. Baking soda
3. Vinegar
4. Little cups or tupper wear
5. Food coloring
6. Dropper/ syringe

What to do:
1. Fill the pan with a thin layer of baking soda.
2. Fill the little cups with a mixture of food coloring and vinegar.
3. Use the syringe to squirt the colored vinegar into the tray of baking soda
4. Watch the fizzies!


J actually played with this experiment quietly for quite a while and would look at me and say “wow that’s amazing mommy”. What more could you ask for in an afternoon activity?