Milk Color Explosions

Here is an activity that I have seen posted online in a few different blogs, and finally decided to try. J and I decided to call it MILK COLOR EXPLOSIONS (while saying in the deepest, loudest, most expressive voice possible)

What do you need?

– Pan/ dish
– Milk
– Dish soap

– Food coloring
– Tooth picks/ Q-Tips/ paint brush


What I love about it?
– Uses easy house hold items
– Doesn’t make a huge mess
– Quick preparation for endless fun
– They don’t even know they are learning science!



  1. Fill your dish or pan with enough milk to cover the bottom
  2. Put some dish soap in a smaller container to the side
  3. Scattered through the pan plots of color.
  4. Dip paint brush (or tooth pick, or Q-Tip) in dish soap and dab on color plot
  5. Watch the EXPLOSION (again insert deepest, loudest, most expressive voice)
    – The reaction of the soap disrupting the surface tension of the milk causes the colors to radiate away from the paintbrush.
  6. Swirl, zigzag and Repeat!Image

 We had a blast doing this together, making all kinds of shapes. Once the milk was completely colored we grabbed some paper and started painting pictures, which resulted in a great debate of if they were “water color painting” or “milk color painting”.